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In a high velocity world, industries demand flexible designs, quality manufacturing methods and  reliable products to improve productivity and profitability.

With regard to electrical heaters, it is extremely important that choice of material and technical execution harmonize in order to produce products as reliable and valuable as possible.

The product program is based on the following 4 corner-stones.

  • Former product programs - reliable and costefficient.
  • Input from users of this type of product.
  • Self development of material adaption and production methods.
  • Safety regulations required for this type of product.

Our curiosity during passed years has prompted us to always try to solve industry problems. Many times we have solved problems where others would not commit themselves to the same extent. This has given us a breadth and depth thas has resultet in a correspondingly smart product program.

Our 30 years of electrical heater experience gives us the confidence to know our new product program will be received just as well ny our old customers, as our new ones..

Our motto is:

Scandymet will always provide customers the best value.


SCANDYMET AB was founded in 1977. The objective was to work as an independent agent supplying Electric Immersion Heaters and Heat Exchangers to the Surface Treatment Industry. Also Racking Systems and Anode Baskets in Titanium and Zirconium as well as Grinding Rolls for Printed Circuits were equally important assets in the product mix. Business developed rapidly, and  SCANDYMET gained reputation for quality products and good service from its customers on the Nordic market.

In 1993, a new era begins when SCANDYMET decides to produce Immersion Heaters and Heat Exchangers of own design, based on market knowledge and new product ideas. In a couple of years SCANDYMET goes from agent to producer. Product range is still Electric Immersion Heaters and Heat Exchangers for various media e.g. water, steam or coolants. Materials utilized are Quartz Glass, Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Zirconium and plastics like PTFE and others. Typical customers are plating, pickling, phosphating or anodising industries and many more where corrosion resistance  and efficiency are important. About 85 % of the production is exported worldwide.


Växelgatan 5
826 40 Söderhamn

Tel. +46 (0) 270 193 10
Fax. +46 (0) 270 106 56